Diane Betts

AELP London Board Member
CEO at First Rung

Diane has dedicated her career to supporting vulnerable young people irrespective of their background, beliefs, abilities or status. Building partnerships with commercial organisations with shared values has been a cornerstone of her work.

She began her career as an accountant and is now CEO at First Rung, a charity and a company limited by guarantee set up in 1983. First Rung develops and delivers high quality training, support and opportunities to vulnerable young people. First Rung believes that good education and training can and does make a difference and that they owe it to their learners to do their very best by them. To this end they take very seriously their mission to develop and provide high quality training, support and opportunities to young people so that they can fulfil their potential within both the formal and informal curriculum in ways that will prepare them for life in the widest sense.

As a hands-on and entrepreneurial CEO, Diane is proud to lead a highly successful, innovative and agile organisation. The key to this success is their ability to build strong and sustainable relationships with commercial organisations as well as maintain their Ofsted Grade 2 (Good) in all programmes, including their independent school that was launched in September 2018.

First Rung’s reputation is based on their ability to produce self-confident, successful and ambitious young people, ready for the next step, either into further training or the world of work. All they do is underpinned and driven by their motto: Changing Lives ● Creating Futures.

Diane Betts